I recently invested in some Powerline Home Plugs. These are the little known devices that turn your electricity main into an ethernet network: You can then site your equipment anywhere in your house, with little speed degredation or need for cabling. I went for the Solwise mains-through version – which mean you can plug other mains devices through them and avoid tying up a wall socket.  Linksys, Netgear and all the rest of them have home plug versions too, but not the mains through variety.

They aren’t cheap – they cost about £55 and you need a minimum of 2 – but so far so good.  I had to reset one of them after 3 days, but on the whole they do the job.  

Computer data over the electricity main reminded me of years ago when I was working for a computer company where the managing director had previously been involved with this technology.  He had apparently worked on a research project that entailed sending computer data over the wider electricity grid. At the time he was working on it, I guess it would have been pre-internet, so I assume (if it had come to fruition) would have amounted to a way of making Prestel or similar applications more available, or the new-fangled cable TV networks.  The prospect of just plugging in a wall-socket device and being online is an interesting prospect – just make sure you don’t plug anything in to the wrong socket of course!!!

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