I came across an article here about the new Olinda digital radio: This is currently in the prototype stage and has been developed by BBC Audio and Music in conjunction with a 3rd party company. In essence the basic unit is a DAB radio but It includes innovative features like modularity and social networking in a physical device. On the side is a studded, magnetic connector for plugging in expansion modules. This is an open, standardised hardware API – with defined connections and defined protocols for the data. It’s a bit like the expansion port on an iPod.  In the picture below, the middle unit has Six lights which show when a close friend is listening to the radio, using wifi and Radio Pop, the BBC’s website for sharing ‘now playing’ information. Each light is a button: you can tune in to listen along with them, discovering new stations via your social network.

One additional module is a tear-off player module for kids. It records all their favourite childrens’ radio progamming and then unplugs to become a standalone MP3 player.

Olinda Digital Radio

Olinda Digital Radio - How cool is that?

Olinda Kids Tear-off

Olinda Kids Tear-off

I wouldn’t mind one of these when it becomes available, I must say.

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