So Father Christmas brought me a Wii!! Thank you :-)     Among the reasons I really wanted one was (a) because I wanted to get better at the games (or at least as good as the average 7 year old seems to manage!)  and (b) because I wanted to find out more about what iPlayer is like on another platform – preferably a platform that is, well, my TV.  It was announced in November that iPlayer would be available on the Wii and there is more info on the BBC Internet Blog.

So I downloaded the iPlayer app from the Wii Store.

And I have to say, it’s really very good.  If it sounds as if there is a sense of surprise in this,  that is because I am still rather sceptical about Internet-over-TV propositions for a variety of reasons;  But iPlayer does seem to be having a good attempt at cracking them.  It all seems to work pretty well and on the Wii I even seem to get better performance that I get on my desktop PC or any of my laptops when using iPlayer.

One of the weird things about the Wii, though, is that it doesn’t have an ethernet port.   If like me (or most of the British population) you rarely get more than 2MBPS over your broad(ish)band, then squeezing the most speed out of it is the key: and I still maintain that the best option for performance around the house is, I am afraid, ethernet cables.  And before you start banging on about Powerline Home Plugs (that send data around the electricity main), yes I know all about them thanks and have written about them here. And yes, I’ve also looked at wireless range expanders. All of the options have pros and cons, but frankly, if you want the best and most reliable performance, wire in ethernet around the house would be my advice.

But anyway, as long as your router is quite near to the Wii you should get good iPlayer performance. Doctor Who was a bit pixelated in places but I guess compared to some of the programmes around where pixelation should be increased as much as possible (I refer to X-Factor of course) it’s still watchable I think.

Anyway, back to Wii Sports Resort…

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