Why? Because it’s shit  just not appropriate nowadays.  The tools available have moved on. Get over it. There is better. Visio is like giving a graphic designer Microsoft Paint and rather than Photoshop. Giving a developer MS-Basic for DOS, or giving a starving dog a rubber bone.

Quite apart from that, the whole mindset of using Visio is wrong. Visio is a drawing tool. But as Analysts, we should be creating models, not drawings. And we should be creating models that get built on added to and improved over time, by everyone. Not one-off drawings that get thrown away or left to rot unlooked at on a shared drive somewhere.

There are plenty of excellent and reasonably priced CASE tools out there with incredible capabilities. And plenty of work justification and evaluating them has been done perfectly well elsewhere. Even re-reading your first semester university notes would probably give excellent justification of why you should be using a CASE tool rather than a pile of crap like Visio. (This does assume you studied a computer-related subject – if you studied geography you might find information thin on the ground). You nodded in agreement when the lecturer explained it to you then, so why not put it into practice now?

Ditch Visio and move on. Period.

I am coming round to the idea that Microsoft Word should also go.

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