I am sick to death of the stories circulating about London’s high-tech district being in the ‘East End’. It bloody well isn’t. Most of it seems to centre around Old Street and City road. Well when I worked round there, we never regarded it as ‘East’. If anything it is ‘North of the City’ or even ‘The City’ (depending on the message the sales people wanted to give out). City Road where I was, is EC1. Not the east end. The Barbican – a few minutes away – can in no way be described as ‘the east end’. The Bank of England is in EC2 (geographically further east than Old Street) but no one would describe the Bank of England as being in ‘the east end’.

Oh, and Hoxton, a few seconds away once you cross over City Road into Hackney, is N1! N1 is not ‘the East End’ either.

I take it no mapping companies are based round there..

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