Last year I wrote an article triggered by some wall charts i had seen describing the steps in “agile projects” and “waterfall projects” – both of which looked pretty much the same to me.

Of course “Agile projects”, don’t really exist. The Agile philosophy is based around continually building on and improving a “product”, a piece at a time. Furthermore, this building never stops.

This is, of course, at odds with the traditional “Project” notion.

You can go further and get deep and meaningful about it and say that the whole “project” mindset negates the agile ideals, and in fact, it is the project concept itself that is the reason for delivery failures. The notion that we do something that conveniently ‘starts’ and ‘finishes’ (the basis of a waterfall project) might be administratively convenient, but is a bit of a nonsense if we are dealing with something that is going to be with us for a long time. As most IT systems are.

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