My nephew starts secondary school later this year but is already conversant with Scratch – a graphical programming environment which allows for drag and drop program creation. It is now being taught in school.

The fact we have kids new to secondary school being taught programming seems pretty impressive to me and can only be good for the industry in the long run. I’ll leave that to you to think about, though.

Scratch is interesting on a number of fronts. It allows for quick creation of graphical animations (Sprites) and therefore looks to be a great way of getting kids interested. If like me, you have been around a bit you will think about similarities with Logo, though it doesn’t look like there is much shared heritage.

Secondly, the development environment is truly visual – see below. At long last we may be on the way to having programming environments that don’t require extensive typing of code but instead a drag-and-drop approach.

Perhaps this could be called Visual Studio?

Scratch width=

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